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We seek to restore balance in US government policy in favor of fostering appreciation of ancient and indigenous cultures and the preservation of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts for the education and enjoyment of the American public.    


British Museum


Black-Figure Kylix, Sparta, Attributed to Hunt Painter, c. 565-530 BC.
Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Source Program


We advocate for the interests of collectors, museums and the trade in archaeological and ethnological objects. 

Without collectors, there would be no museums. 

Without museums, there would be no focal point for the preservation and display of archaeological and ethnological objects, and the appreciation of other cultures that comes with it.  


Our Griffin Logo

Griffins are said to guard treasures and other priceless possessions. 

We hope our advocacy helps protect private and museum collections of archaeological and ethnological objects from overreaching claims made on behalf of foreign governments.


Help us protect cultural heritage